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​The value of JOC is Performance Based: Faster Delivery, Higher Quality, No Change Orders & Maximizing Construction Budgets.
Is a method of managing simultaneous projects tailored to each unique owner & an extension to their facilities team, on a fixed, lump sum price utilizing a construction unit price book. By using JOC clients take advantage of a quick, simple, & cost effective process to simplify their needs. JOC = targeted design, IDIQ, competively procured, performance-based, and long term owner-contractor relationship. No Change Orders, no surprises due to a customized scope of work approved by owner before Delivery Order is issued.
Adept Facilities & Design would like to thank you for choosing us to help grow your JOC Program. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with the end results of each task order. 
Each client is unique, with a different relationship to be built upon. Our goal is to understand your proccesses and business requirements to help you be successful and produce quality results.
​Is a low percent design by owner before construction team engagement, Adept subcontractor design experience, communication and relationship. Cooperation, Team Work, Communnication, & Trusting Relationship drive costs down and increase performance with tight scheduled deadlines. 

 HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION LEADS TO TEAM SUCCESS! Serving Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, & Dallas/Fort Worth